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I started the business to utilise my botany knowledge for creation and interpersonal interactions which reward both me and who I work for, through sharing a passion for the natural world.

I didn’t want to work for someone else, who had no interest in taking the extra steps needed to create a flourishing garden or failed to relay how happy a client was with the work being done. I wanted more than a linear approach that ignores the potential for how intricate this work can be. I love to share my understanding with those who are interested so that they are able to interact with their garden in new ways, providing more connection and joy for as long as they are gardening.

I also want to learn from others, as I believe that; no matter how much I learn about gardening & nature, there will always be something to learn from listening to others.

Finally, to work in a meaningful field that has tangible rewards at every turn for everyone invested. Whether it be the results of a big day’s work pruning, the client’s reaction to our efforts, or in knowing that the work we have done on the day will benefit a garden greatly in the years to come.

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