Native New Zealand plants in garden

A Beautiful Property Had Lost Its Heart

I started work on this project at the beginning of 2019 for an existing client in Wellington city. The property is a 1.5 hectare private country estate with the bones of Botanical gardens grounds.

The client had recently purchased the property from the previous owner who, by my clients words, "had more money than sense” when it came to the garden. Large sections of the garden were recently planted out with little to no thought into structure or longevity. Many of the plants were either too close together to thrive, in formation with competing species, or in the wrong microclimate altogether, sure to fail within the coming year.

As we took on this undertaking at the end of summer, the grounds had grown unruly, and the existing definition was starting to fade.

Ferns bushes and hedges beside green lawn and pond

Bringing Back Light & Life

Our goal was to not only return and improve the existing structure, but to reform each garden area with a palette that matches it in regards to complementing plant selections and strata.

To outline how this was approached, we targeted the most egregious issues at hand such as borer & Thrips infestations, established weeds such as Trandescantia & Convolvulus, and long overdue pruning work that would get the property set up for the following spring.

We approach insect and fungus ailments on the property through more systemic, long term approaches that greatly reduce or remove all together the demand for spray treating the garden.

Working our way systematically around the property, we were able to focus on each localised zone with formative pruning and weeding, redefining what is a top-tier garden to what it is meant to be. Working in conjunction with arborists to bring the light & life back to areas where it never should have left.

We have not only reinvigorated large swathes of the garden, but also provided a sense of space to areas that previously felt cramped or cluttered.

Bright green plants and hedges beside driveway

Time To Get Creative

Following our initial three visits, each consisting of 2-3 days stay on the property, we were able to bring back a lot of the bones of the property, and start to allow each area to flourish once again.

Once we were on top of the pressing demands of definition, disease and pest control, we moved into the creative aspect of the project. This means looking to enhance each existing area, giving each its own stand-out feature, while maintaining a flow of the entire garden as you move from section to section.

We continue our work on this now through transplanting poorly placed plants from the previous owner into areas where they can thrive and be enjoyed by my client, as well as make sense of each space. This will be achieved through complementing combinations of plants that respect the depth, height and demand of each area, and plant as an individual.

A white pergola amongst trees and green grass

Looking Forward

We are also working with the vision of my client to design new spaces, creating exciting additions to what already is a top tier garden. These additions will incorporate both interactive and appreciative elements.

Through thoughtful planning and a background of comprehensive knowledge we are both looking forward to what we can co-create.

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